Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is the first post of the blog! Finally! Firstly, a little inside to this blog. This blog is co-owned by 4 awesome, outgoing students from around the globe. You could guess where we are currently located or as time goes on, you will eventually find out. Or you could head on the the about page to discover the true identity/mystery of the authors(if the authors have time to write that). Yes, as a head start, you could figure out that we are all asians.

A little introduction to who we are and what is this blog all about:

We are a group of friends who known each other for quite a bit and all share the same interest to travel. Join our journeys as we try cover all parts of the world, the local inside and events to our current locations. We would love to share our itinerary and experiences with everyone, hence, we are going to write about the food we ate, the people we've met, the stories we had been through, the awesome place we went and also not forgetting the ups and  downs during our travel. Maybe if we are busy with our current life, we will just entertain you with awesome photography or past travel. We will throw in some the friendly advise too if time permits and promotions of travels. Maybe sometimes hotels and hostel review. All the stories are written first hand, lets say all four of us will be writing our stories. We may sometimes get guest blogger in to share their stories( if you are interested to share your travel stories, drop us a email). Stay tune and visit us often to read about our coolest travel stories.

From the editor