Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bangkok Day 1

Have you read our iteinary for Bangkok ?
Our flight arrived at Bangkok at about 2pm. Mind that Bangkok is in the GMT+7 timezone.
It was my first time at the LCCT international departure hall.
We found ourselves at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport two hours after departure! The custom were pretty fast in doing things. We had read a lot about the scams in Bangkok and we tried our best to avoid them. From the airport, we took the taxi down to Khao San area. It is best to have your hostel address written in Thai language because most of the taxi driver don't understand english and it seems like they have different thai and english name for the streets. Taxi fare from airport to Khao San area should be around 300-400 Bath inclusive of toll fare and the journey took around 1 hour.

We head to Siam Center area after a short rest. The taxi from Khao San road to Siam Center cost around 75 Bath. It was late afternoon when we reach there and our stomach was growling. We hurried to search for food but we found the free ice tea for tourist instead. Yeap, just head to MBK's food court and present your passport at the bar. The ice tea tasted like Malaysian Teh Ice but very very sweet. I was afraid to taste the thai desserts and drinks because I can't really take sweet food.

It's easy to ask for direction at Thailand. You just need a map with the address or picture. All you need to do is point, point and point until the local direct you to the right place. We went to Jim Thompson House first because the closing hour is 5pm and we didn't want to miss this place. You know that you are at the right place when you see the sign board in front of the alley.

You just need to keep walking until you see the house on your left hand side.

The entrance fee is 100 Bath. However, you can get 50% discount if you are able to show them your student ID/passport to show that you are below 25 years old. J.T House is a traditional Thai house with lots of antiques inside. It's good to have a glimpse on how people live in the olden days. The best part is you will get a free guide who will explain all the features of the house. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the house.

The rain started pouring before we left JT House. We hurried to our next destination which is the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center. It is located next to MBK.
 There was a architecture exhibition by the University student when we were there. Students from second year onwards get to display their models and also provide explaination to the public. I personally think that it is a very good platform for the student to express themselves. And everything is in English too.
 Besides that, they have a few conceptual and attractive shops and cafes.
I found this interesting handmade necklace from one of the booth. If you are single, you will have one of those on your necklace. If you are in a relationship, you will have two. If you have two many, you will wear the bitch necklace like the one on your right hand side. Interesting huh?
We didn't take any picture outside the building because it was still raining. :( We ran towards the overhead bridge and went inside Siam Paragon to search for the Naraya flagship store.
One warning before you step into Naraya, be prepare to spend lots of time there. We met a lot of people from China, Taiwan, HK and Malaysia there. The price of those bags are not expensive at all. You can find the Naraya branch mostly located at Siam Center area.

After an hour, we manage to pull ourselves out from Naraya and went hunting for dinner. We walked around the Siam Paragon and realize that most shops were closed at 7pm and we can't find any food. We grabbed something along the way and took a tuktuk back to KhaoSan Road. We negotiated with the driver with the price of 80 Bath. The traffic was very heavy at that hour so we have no choice.

We had our dinner at KS road opposite the pub. I manage to eat my favourite Mango Sticky Rice at 35 Bath. Very cheap compared to Malaysia and I ate that every single day for the rest of my trip. *happiness*

Okay, that's all for day one.

Day two is coming soon ! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bangkok-From a girl's perspective.

I'm back from a 5 days 4 night trip at Bangkok.
Woah. 5 days wasn't sufficient at all as there's so much to see there.
My first impression of Bangkok is that it is very similar to KL. The streets, buildings, road are identical to the one we have in KL. Thai people are very nice except for the one we met at the floating market. And they are very chinese. We met a few who can speak a little mandarin and made our day! You have no idea how hard is it to converse with the locals in thai language. But, with my very limited thai language, I'm able to order foods and ask for direction. Not that bad huh?

I will show you my iteinary first. Then, I will write with full details.
If you ask what's the budget for a trip to Bangkok, I will say that you can have a budget for Bangkok because no one can resist the shopping temptation there. Yes, even for guys. I met a CSer there and he told me he spent every single penny he had if he went to Chatukchak. However, I had calculated the basic damage which includes accomodation,transportation,entrance fee and flight and the total was RM420 inclusive of my RM190 flight ticket.

Jim Thompson House, Bangkok Art and Cultural Center, Siam Center(MBK and Siam Paragon)

Day 2:
National Palace, Pratunam, Platinum Mall

Day 3:
Ow Tor Kor, Chatukchak Weekend Market

Day 4:
Bang Khun Tien

Day 5:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let the fun begin !

Guess where are we going to head next ?
Currency checked. 
Passport checked.
Flight ticket checked. 
It's just 20 hours away. 

p/s: We are going to travel a lot around South East Asia this year! We only left Laos and The Philipines from the map. There's still a lot to do with the Europe trip. Sorry for the delays! We were busy with our studies :(

We will try to keep it up! But, we will bring you to some place next week for sure. Stay Tune!