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Tasmania: Richmond -- Lauceston

" I'm really more interested to blog about my recent hiking trip, but before i do, i rather finish up on Tasmania. Don't want to leave it hanging. So here goes"

Following day of road trip in Tasmania. If you have just join us, here's the previous link. Like i had previously mention, first day in Tasmania wasn't treating us well, weather wise. Waking up the next day to bright and sunny sky, however, feeling drowsy from flu medicine and massive killer migraine. I wasn't in the mood to wake up. However so, the plan must move on. Zipping up the bags and towing it down to the car, as our hotel was only for the night, we load up the car, hand in the keys at the reception and bid farewell to Hobart city. 

Drove 25km to the town of Richmond. Richmond is known for its famous 19th century Georgian architecture as well one of the earliest Australian colonial village. The drive there did not take long, but i was hoping it did as i needed to catch some sleep. The only reason why we wanted to be there was because of this particular model village/museum thing. More on this later. I'm really attracted to museums, art gallery and anything interesting. However, when we arrive, we realized there is more to Richmond than the model village.

Like i said, due to my massive headache and cranky mood, when we arrived in Richmond we had to stop by so i could recuperate.

See, i told you. that's me napping while the rest are off enjoying their scenic tour
 As i mentioned above, we are only in Richmond to see the museum, having done no research whatsoever on Richmond. We didn't not even know we drove pass the famous Richmond bridge. What the point of doing detailed planing and have nothing to anticipate at the end. I recently met up with a over-perfectionist engineer who like to over research and do detail planing and budget plan for everything including traveling. I truly wasn't surprise when i saw his stacks of plans, maps, budget allocation as i've worked with him previously and knew he was hard to please. It true that yea, it good to be well prepared, but there's not much anticipation in the end. So take my advice, do not over plan. leave some mystery while traveling.

River under the bridge looking out to the St.John's Church

Greater view of the river

The river is known as Australia's Coal River

Creature tenant of the river

I guess the ducks like it there too. During the day time, people, tourists, kids i have no idea who are they will come down the river for a stroll or just to bring some bread for the ducks.

Since i'm awake after my nap, I try to take in as much scenery as I could before we leave. Not forgetting to throw in a picture.

Richmond Bridge
 Richmond Bridge was firstly built in 1825 marking the symbol of Tasmania's convict heritage as it was built by convict labor over the Tasmania's Coal River.

Brief attraction of everything in Richmond

I guess everything in Richmond screams history. Yet, there's something really breathtaking about the place. Didnt get a chance to visit everything as time was running out and our initial plan was to just stop by for 2 hours or so.

St John Church way up the hill.
Australia's oldest catholic church built way back in 1836.

As it was lunch time, and we were interested in the pancake place we saw on the way in, we head back down the road for some food.

Pancake Place
As you could tell this little shop probably has nothing interesting to it. That where you're wrong. Behind this little shop is two big maze. Yes, you read rightly. MAZE. Well, we did not try out the Maze as in our plan we are heading to Australia largest maze the following day. Or so they advertise.

This is how it will look if you're inside the maze. Fancy finding your way out?

Postcard of the Maze
Scones and Hot cocoa for lunch

As soon as i saw scones on the menu, i have decided. However, it was rather disappointing as it wasn't really good. Jam are rather plain and the cream isn't buttery at all. It just tasted like hot cakes shaped like scones. Still its great to sit out in the sun enjoying it and the company. How often is it that you do that.

enjoying lunch and the sun
After lunch, we took a walk along the town of Richmond. The building are mostly Georgian style. Having stayed in Melbourne, most of the building there are rather Victorian. The Georgian has a unique sense and feeling to it that I just can't express.

Town of Richmond
The sunny day and clouds are really good for photo that day.

Soon we found the Old Hobart Model Village.

Entrance to the Model Village
 The Old Hobart Model Village is a model replica of Hobart back in the 1820's portraying the early history and building of the old Hobart city. It's rather interesting to see how much it has and hasn't changed since back then. The owner of the model village constructed it from the exact plans and maps of Hobart having done his research of the history and architecture back then. There are over 60 building constructed and 400 figurines to add details.
Overview of the model village
Closer detail
More details

Entrance fee's to the village cost AUD14. I guess you could say it's worth it or not. I couldn't really agree on both. The village is rather small to cost so much but i guess its really well maintain and interesting. You could also pick up lots of free brochures while you're there. So, i don't regret it that much. Be your own judge on this matter.

After seeing those brochures particularly one on Richmond, I had to take the exact or close shot of the bridge. Looking closely at the picture and doing the geography, we drove to another side of the river and stop there for that particular picture. It's really postcard worthy. Result of the shot.

Other side of the bridge overlooking the river and the church
After the shot and another few minutes for other shots, we are finally ready to leave seeing that it's almost 3pm and we are suppose to be due in Launceston hours ago. We left Hobart for good and hit the road.

Back on the road again

Drive from Hobart to Launceston is approximately 2 hours give or take almost 200km in distance. By the time we reach, it was almost sunset and not much to do. We check into Mercure Hotel again, however the Launceston one as it's really cheap. Only AUD79 per night. No photo taken as its rather similar in interior to Mercure Hobart. We dine at the Jailhouse Steak House that night. Apparently its quite famous there. We were too hungry to take any photo's that night or maybe we were too indulge in the free flow of salad. Seriously I'm already full from eating all the salads from the salad bar before our steak arrived. Highly recommended.

I shall end here and continue day 3 in the next post. Preview of day 3: Tasmazia

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