Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cameron highland part 2.

One thing about backpacking is that you will never know what happen next when you are travelling. Things might just pop up and you need to solve it. If you missed day one, click here.

One of one friend fell sick in the middle of the night. Food poisoning. She was very sick till the extend that she wants to go to the hospital. The problem is there's no public transport at 2am at Cameron Highland. People sleep as early as 9pm. @.@ We had no choice but to wake the inn owner up. She was really kind and she drove us to the hospital immediately. We felt very sorry for her. We were happy with the hospitality offered by Cameronian Inn. The doctor asked someone from the hospital to send us back at 530am. Yeah..530am. We woke up again at 730am to cancel our tour package which we already paid for it earlier. The van suppose to pick us up at 815am. We told them our situation and manage to get back RM20 instead of RM25 as they had already paid the comission to their agent. Well, RM20 is better than nothing right?

We continue our journey later at 10am.
We went to Taman Pertabalan Tanah Rata which is just beside the Tanah Rata bus stop. It look more like a playground to me. We spent some time there while waiting for the bus to Kea Farm. The bus will depart every hour from Tanah Rata bus station. It will go all the way to Simpang Pulai if I'm not mistaken.

 Gigantic fruits opposite the Tanah Pertabalan Tanah Rata. Ain't they look like the kids from Ten Brothers?
The weather was pretty bad. It was drizzling. =( The bus dropped us off at Tea Plantation. The bus driver was very friendly. You can tell them where you want to stop. We became friends with the bus driver later because we took his bus so many times in the same day. Well, it is good to mix around with the locals. That's the point of backpacking right?

At the beginning of our walk to the tea plantation. Note that the plantation is close on Monday. That means we can't visit the factory on monday. Still, we went there on Monday.
 The beautiful scenery along the way.
 The Robertson Rose Garden which we dropped by when we were on the way back to Kea Farm. Nothing much there. Not many rose though. Looks like people's garden to us.
 As we mentioned earlier, the tea plantation was closed on monday. But, we get to see the tea plantation after walking for 1km. We gave up walking to the main place. No point going all the way there just to drink boh tea right? Hence, we stayed at the plantation and took some pictures before we left for Kea Farm.
The rain drop gets bigger and we were lucky that a guy volunteered to send us to Kea Farm. That was our second free ride at Cameron Highland. All we need to do is wave our hand.  
The bee farm and butterfly farm is just before Kea Farm. We didn't went there as we had been there before.
They have a few strawberry farm around that area and we didn't went there too because of the weather.

Food hunting @ Kea Farm.
Must try-steam sweet potato and strawberry ice-cream.
 Sweet potato @ RM2.00
We saw this! Malaysia Forest Viagra? ROFL
More food hunting.

 Sweet Potato Ball @ RM2.
 Fried Shitake Mushroom @ RM3.

Kea Farm is like a open market. You can get cheap vegetable, fruits,flower and etc from there. We bought what we want and left for Tanah Rata. We had to skip the rest of the place as it was raining. Our initial plan was walk all the way down to Brinchang and take a bus from there.

We went back to the inn to keep the stuff we bought and took the next bus to Smoke House. The Smoke House is located between Tanah Rata and Brinchang. The initial plan was visit Smoke House and a few place around that area but the rain spoil our plan again.  =(

I shall let the pictures do the talking for the rest of the post.

We took the bus next day to Ipoh to meet up with other friends and headed back to KL after that.

The end.

Thanks for reading and stay tune for more updates ! =D

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