Monday, July 4, 2011

Thailand Travel Guide 02

Hi! Sorry for being MIA for so long. We were too busy with trip plannings and stuff. Two of us are heading to HK and Japan this week! Ain't that awesome?
I think choosing the right accommodation is a real pain when it comes to trip planning. As for me, we opt for cheap and good hostel because we only need a place to sleep at night.
I stayed in Lamphu House when I was in Bangkok.  Well, it wasn't a hostel. The place look more like a hotel to me. We stayed there for 3 nights and we tried 3 different rooms. Long story.

I wanted to book the Quad room at the first place but it wasn't in the list when I fill in the reservation form. Perhaps you can email them instead to book the room as it's very ideal when you are travel in four.
In the end, I book the fan room(400B) with shared bathroom for the trip because we thought that it will be like the one in our uni hostels.
The room was nice but it was so stuffy at night because May was the hottest month of the year. FOL. I couldn't sleep at all on the first night. They have a small fan attached to the ceiling and obviously it didn't work well. When I said shared bathroom, it means shared between man and female. Too bad I didn't take any pictures from the bathroom. You might see strangers who only have their towel on them when you are brushing your teeth. Remember to stay calm. LoL
On the next day, we went to the reception counter and ask for A/C room instead. They gave us the quad room with private bathroom at 980B. The room was great because it was huge and we have a balcony to hang our clothes. The other bed is opposite the one you saw in the picture below.
On the third morning, we have to move to a new room because someone book the quad room before us. We moved to the standard room(With A/C at 630B) with private bathroom instead. There's a double bed with tables and place to hang your clothes inside. 

As for the fourth night, we stayed in Silver Gold Garden Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel. We paid around RM50 for a room via which includes free airport transfer.

It's a good place to stay because they have night market in front of the hotel and Tesco is located right next to the hotel! It is definitely a good place for last minute shopping. XD

My friend told me that there's a lot of cheap hostel around KS road area but we need to explore as they don't have a website.

Perhaps you can keep that in mind when you go Bangkok ! :)

That's all for the accomodation part.


jade said...

great tips- we haven't been to Bangkok, but are really interested in SEA. Hopefully soon!

Stephanie - The Travel Chica said...

I love it when a hostel turns out to be more like a hotel :-)

Lisa said...

Aside from switching rooms every day the rooms look nice. I think I like the third room best.