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Medan 5D4N transportation guide!

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Here's the guide for the 3rd largest city in Indonesia -Medan.
I realize that there's not much guides about how to get to one place from another. So, let me help! I'll be doing reviews about the places later.

Day 1
Update: The new airport is at Kuala Namu which is 45 minutes away from the city center.

Arrive at Polonia Airport. Note: They are going to shift the airport to a new place which is located an hour away from the city center.
Our friend fetch us to the Padang Bulan Bus Station but generally you can get a taxi at the Petronas Petrol Station which is located opposite the airport. The airport is so small and you don't have to walk that much. From Padang Bulan Bus Station, you can get to Berastagi at Rp 10,000 only in a minibus (2 hours ride). The best seat is located next to the driver. At Berastagi (B), you can walk around the tugu Berastagi or use their angkot service. We went to Gundaling (G) by "Bintang Karo" angkot at the fee of Rp 3000 (B-G) and Rp 2000 (G-B). I've no idea why the fee is cheaper when we travel from Gundaling to Berastagi.

Day 2
We left Berastagi by local transportation again. Someone quote us Rp 450,000 for a car but we didn't take the deal as we think it is expensive as there's only 3 of us travelling together. Instead of a private car, we travelled from Berastagi to Kebanjahe (Karya Transport -Yellow van; Rp 3000- 30 mins) & from Kebanjahe to Siantar (Sepadan-blue van; Rp 20,000 -3 hrs). From Siantar, you can either travel by local minibus (Rp 10,000 -30 mins) or a shared taxi (Rp 15,000) to Parapat. We chose the later one as we are tired of smoking secondhand smoke.
From Parapat, we took the ferry (Rp 7000) to  Tuktuk.
You can also travel from Siantar to Parapat by "Sejahtera bus".

Day 3
We rented a private van with driver at Rp 450,000 (RM 50) near Liberta Homestay as we don't know how to ride a motorbike. Motorbike rental is available at Rp80,000 or Rp 200,000 with driver. But make sure that you tell your driver where you want to go and make sure that he promise that he will take you the places you wish to go. It's good to survey about the places first & know where you want to go first before talking to the driver.

Day 4
We left Tuktuk for Parapat by the ferry. (Rp 7000) and shared the taxi from PT Bagus (near the Jetty) at only Rp 65,000 per person for a 5 hours journey. We didn't ask the minibus/local bus as sitting in the bus for few hours is not so comfortable.

Day 5
We travelled mostly by becak around the city. Price should be around Rp15,000 to Rp 20,000. If they charge more, take the bluebird taxi instead! The town is very very small and you can reach most places by foot. Don't let the map fools you.

That's all from Medan and hope you enjoy your stay there! I'll do a review about the places there! :)

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