Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Australia-Down South

"Pardon the lack of activity in this blog as we are all so so busy.One of the guys are off to Budapest enjoying himself with his buds so anticipate his return as he will share his stories and well i'm pretty busy with something while the others are well hiding somewhere in their uni library".

Awhile back, i took a trip down under south of Australia. I really like taking holidays. No pressure, taking in every piece of scenery not forgetting how the change of environment is so surreal. This trip was big for me because believe it or not, this is my first trip that i planned everything myself. I was so excited in the planning, checking out what places to visit, how long we should go. Everything was great til money comes into place. There's so many things to experience and there's only so much money I'm willing to spend. So we decided to keep the holiday to six days and hope to get the best out of this six days. 
 Yes, I'm pretty sure you're still wondering which part of Australia as i have yet to mention. It's Tassie, the land of all ''good'' Tasmania devils. 

To get to Tasmania there are mainly two ways from Melbourne( see, i told you u will eventually find out where we are locating). You could either fly over domestically or by sea. Many airlines offer flights to Tasmania daily but as i wanted to collect frequent flyers points i opted for Qantas. You could also sail there with The Spirit of Tasmania arriving at Devonport. The next time i visit Tassie again, i will definitely go there with the spirit( i meant the ship). 

Gosh, i could feel myself boring you out. So let skip to topic. This six day trip was to me more of a road trip as we were mainly always on a go. Out of this six days we have already stayed in five differently hotel. As you could tell, the planning was bit weird but interesting nevertheless.  

Summary of the trip:
Day 1: Flew from Melbourne to Hobart. The initial plan was to check in and head to Port Aurthur. However, it was raining heavily and we decided to chill in for the day. Pretty much wasted the whole day.
Day 2: Drove to Richmond before heading of north to Launceston. Just a stop over at Launceston as we spend too much time in Richmond and by time we reach Launceston it was already dark.
Day 3: Bid Launceston farewell and drove to the Cradle Mt-Lake St Clair region. Pit stop at Tasmazia, the world largest maze as they claim to be. Checking in at Cradle Mountain Chateau as the sun set.
Day 4: Put on hiking gear and head to the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park for some 'serious' hiking. 
          Relaxation and rejuvenation at Cradle Mountain Lodge Spa cabin after a long cold day.
Day 5: Winery and food tasting before heading to Tamar Valey.
Day 6: Morning golf session and flight home 

Before i end, some of the my fave pictures and i be back with detailed post soon. Til then!

Richmond Bridge

Hobart City

Cradle Mountain

 "honestly, i really had trouble starting a post, but i guess things will be so much easier now, drop in again if you like to know about the whole trip" Cheers




ken said...

would really hope to visit there one day :)

MiqTravellers said...

Hi Ken! you should :)
Thanks for dropping by and stay tune for more post about Tasmania. Maybe you can use it as a reference for the future :)