Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hello from the other person !

Hi everyone !
From the picture above, I think you can guess where was I. Yeap! It was taken at China earlier and I will be telling stories about China in the next few post.
 Do you want to know how to travel 5 cities plus Hong Kong within the budget of 1.5 K?
Stay tune for my next post ! =)
I'll be doing my sharing soon.

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ken said...

i want to go to china one day! :)

MiqTravellers said...

Yeap ! You really should :)

Melissa said...

I can't believe that you could actually travel to other countries within 1.5K, but is that RM we're talking in? =D

MiqTravellers said...

Hi Melissa ! yeap yeap. It is RM. You need to keep coming back to get to know our tips =) We will share our tips. ;)