Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Survival Skill at China 02

Hola, Ni hao =)

Like I said earlier, I will tell you how to stay in style today!
The first which came to my mind about accomodation is backpacker inn or motel.
For places like Hangzhou and Suzhou, we stayed at backpacker inn.We stayed at 4 Eyes Backpacker Inn at Hangzhou which is located at 'Hu Pao Lu' and just opposide of Hangzhou's Children Park. It is at the top of the slope. Right above the bus station. Nice rightt ?Not good if you have a huge luggage with you. I would recommend you to stay at backpacker inn/youth hostel as each of them have unique decoration and setting which is worth the visit. The price is cheaper compared to normal chain hotel at China. I will share a few pictures from the inn.

We took the twin room which cost RMB150 per night with bathroom attached on the first night but we had another room which cost RMB120 on the second night. I think dorms are even cheaper.

At the lounge

I love the decos!

The open area where we watched football match from the big screen.

The pouch.

The art room.

The camping area where they put all the tents for people to rent.

An affair at the backpacker inn. woot
 We stayed at Joya Youth Hostel at Suzhou.

We had a hard time searching for the place. But we manage to find it with the help from the local. :) We stayed there for 3 nights as we fell in love with the place. We booked for the female dorm for two and they allowed us to pay with the student price. We paid RMB40 per night per person and we got the whole room to ourselves on the first two nights. We moved to the mixed dorm on the third night where we only have to pay RMB30 ? I don't really remember. It is quite a nice place to stay because it is in the neighbourhood and all the tourist attraction is within walking distance. Just make sure that you are willing to walk. And later we found out that the shopping district is just across the main street. That was awesomeeeee ! The building itself is at least 300 years old. I think all the house nearby is that old. I can show you in the next post !:)

Scene you can see in the neighbourhood. So ancient right? We wanted to wear our cheongsam and have our own photoshoot but it was raining throughout our stay. :(

The reason we love the place is because we get to interact a lot with the locals. We had breakfast at the same place everyday till they recognize us. They have the best taufufah and youcharkueh. love it! :D
 To book hostel at China, it is best to get their contact number online and call them by using the public phoen or book through their website. If we use hostelworld.com, we need to pay downpayment of 10%. One thing I learnt from travelling is that we cannot really go according to the plan because things can just happen like that.

I choose to stay at chain hotel at ShenZhen because there's not much backpacker inn and the price is expensive. I paid RMB180 per night for a very spacious room with attached bathroom at Motel186. You can google about it as they have franchise throughout China. There's a few other options too.

As for Beijing, I stayed at City Central Youth Hostel which is located just in front of the subway and the main train station which is ideal for backpacker.

Okay, I have to go right now.
That's what I wanted to share on accommodation.

Next will be what the girls love to do ! Shopping tips ! =D

Happy Chinese New Year and have a great one with your family!

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jam said...

Look like you had just came back from Hangzhou too? I too like to stay in youth hostel or guesthouse when traveling overseas. In Hangzhou, I stayed at Hangzhou International Youth Hostel aka Mingtown just by the West Lake. I usually book through hostelbookers.com as there is no booking fee and the price is usually lower than call up or walk in.

MiqTravellers said...

Yeapppp! Ahh. I heard of MingTown before. We reached HZ too late so we just bump into any place which we can find. Perhaps I can try hostelbookers.com next time! Thanks for the info =)