Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Survival Skill at China 01

Hey peeps! Have you read our post about China ?
Cs is back from Taiwan and Cy is at Vienna? Come back to read about it soon.

Today, we are going to write our very first travel guide for China.

1. Always bargain. Best is start at 80% off the original price. Eg, if they sell the product at RMB 100, start bargaining at RMB 20. There will be a point where they ask you for your preferred price. Tell them the lowest price possible, as in 50% of what you will pay for. But do make sure you buy the product after bargaining if you dont want to be cursed by the shop owner.

2. If you plan to travel by train, get the train ticket a few days before to avoid standing.The price of the ticket is same as sitting. If you are going to travel for more than 10 hours, you should really get the sleeping ticket at least 4 days before because those people who bought the standing ticket will try to share your seat with you or sleep along the corridor and it is impossible for you to move around at night. You will not want to experience that. lol. But for the sleeping ticket, you need some luck as you will not want people snoring beside you whole night long. hahaa.

There's upper,middle and lower berth for train. The ticket is only 10-20 yuan difference between each other. You can never sit straight for middle berth and lower berth. The bed is so small that you can't move around also. The tip is get into the train asap so that you can get to sit the seat along the corridor. It is very limited. But, you can sit on the lower berth bed also provided that the person is awake. There's one good thing about their culture because they are willing to let the rest sit on their bed when they are not sleeping. But, it will be weird if you don't know them personally. Oh yeahh..bring more drinks and food too because china citizen will start munching once they got into the train. My friend told me that there's no difference between soft sleeper and hard sleeper. So, no point wasting extra money. =) Other than train, you can survey flight ticket as they will have cheap promotion. I bought my Dalian-Hangzhou ticket at 400 RMB. But, the weather at China is unpredictable. I got stuck in the airport for a day because of the bad weather.

3. If you are travelling at Beijing, use the subway instead of buses. The road at BJ is way too complicated. You need to be a living compass. lol. There's north road north, south road east and etc. Beijing is like a big square puzzle. hence, subway is good enough as it will bring you to all the tourist spot. They are renovating the one at Summer Palace ! Wheee. Subway at Beijing is so much cheaper compared to the one at Shanghai.

4. Taxi at China is very cheap and they use meter. It will be quite a good option if you want to save money. The starting rate is RMB 8 if I'm not mistaken.

5. Buses at Beijing charge you for an extra ticket if your stuff took the place of a person. So, if you bring a luggage with you, you have to pay for 2. The bus fare is around 1-2 RMB which is much cheaper compared to the one at Hangzhou where the cheapest bus fare is 2 RMB and it is uncommon.

I will stop here this time.
Want to know where you can shop with minimum amount of money or how to stay in style with super low budget?

Stay tune for the next travel guide with pictures!


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