Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beijing Day One- YongHe Lama Temple

If you missed our Forbidden Palace post, read here.

From The Forbidden Palace, we moved to YongHe Lama Temple by Sunway line 4. The entrance ticket is RMB 24 per entry but student can only pay RMB 12 with student ID.
I will strongly recommend this place if you don't like to waste time walking at a huge place like The Forbidden Palace because they have similar building and colors. Different part of China have different color of building. Different dynasty have affected the building structure and color. For example, all buildings at Beijing are red in color, white in Suzhou and Hangzhou, and green in Xi'an I've heard. And the building architecture are different too.
Yonghe Lama Temple is one of the major Tibetan Buddhist Temple in the world. You will notice Lama walking around the temple. You can see words written in Tibet language too.

The front view of Yonghe Lama Temple

A very unique entrance ticket.
 There's a brief introduction and map of the temple.
 Another version of the map. Don't be fooled by the map. The place is not that huge. You can finish the place in half an hour.
 After you pass the entrance, you have to walk through rows of tree before you enter the temple. Meet my travel partner, AL.
Next I will be showing pictures around the place. =)

From YongHeGong, we walk to GuoZiJian and the Confucius temple. The entrance fee is RMB 10 and you can get to visit two places at once. GuoZiJian is the place which is the highest institure of learning back then.They are 4-star tourist spot.

 There's nothing much on Confucius temple. It's like the place people pray to get good grades for exam. I will be showing pictures with captions! So, lets the pictures do the talking ya?

One of the exam hall.

 At the oldest exam hall.

I'm always fascinated by the trees at most tourist spot. I think they are few hundred years old or more than that. Who knows?

Stone tablet engraved with name list of Jin Shi from the last Ke Ju exam in China history.  

It reads 'University'.

Between Confucius Temple and GuoZiJian
 Besides that, you get to see the exhibition held inside GuoZiJian. It's more like a museum and you can get all the information inside.
Name list of 'Zhuang Yuan' from the old dynasty

 Exam is held in cubicles.. Student have to answer the questions, rest, eat, drink and sleep in this small cubicle.Each exam is held for 3 days and students are not allowed to move around and talk to each other. They have to do all their activities in the small cubicle. They actually renovated the place as before so we get to see the actual condition.
Example of student asnwering the exam paper.

Example of student sleeping in the cubicle.

Example of the exam paper. Exam is normally held in April.

Example of exam slip.

The canteen.

Wax maniquin of the olden days.

Meet Confucius !

You need to pay RMB 100 for a small red plate so that you can write your wish behind the red plate. They will give a piece of small jade so that you can keep it with you.

The end.

Next, it will be the last post of Beijing.

Stay tune with us =)


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