Saturday, January 8, 2011

You will go there once, MYANMAR

It was a short 5 days trip.
If you were to ask me ' Is Myanmar a nice place to go?'.My answer will be 'Yes'.And if you were to ask me 'Will you go Myanmar again?'.My answer will be'No',no hesitation.
No offence to Myanmar, I personally think that the environment there is still in 60's or probably 70's(because there is a lot of 70's vehicles,some might even older than your grandfather).If their government were to implement a policy to recycle 10 year-old vehicle,I guarantee to you that you cant even see a single tyre on the road,maybe in their garage. BUT, this is what make Myanmar a place worth going!(at most least once)
Ok cut the crap.Let the photos tell you a thousand words.
We arrived at Yangon,current capital of Myanmar in the evening.We resided in Ocean Pearl Inn located near Botataung Pagoda.There were inn staff driving us from Yangon Airport to the inn.
Don't get cheated by its outlook.The inside is cleaner and tidier and more comfortable than a 2 stars hotel in Malaysia.And you can enjoy a 5 stars hotel service in this hotel.In Hilton,there will be jockey to park your car.In Ocean Pearl,there will be jockey to park your umbrella.They even give us their umbrella when we were lack of one.Can Hilton give you a car when you are lack of one?Joking la.But frankly their service win a 5 star rating .No Joke.Their staff were very friendly and helpful.And most importantly it costs only 10 USD per night.

At night we went to the famous Botataung Pagoda to explore its night view.


Despite a sleepless night, we woke up early in the morning to visit Bogyoke Aung San Market located about 

20min taxi drive from our inn.

I wouldn't say Myanmar is a place to eat.There were no unique local food that could stimulate my appetite.

Myanmar Jade! too old for me but they are colorful. Generally cheaper than buying in Malaysia but I ain't a jade fans.

stylish classical guitar.almost wanted to buy but the salesman refused to give discount so finally didn't get to own a guitar Made in Myanmar.
After shopping and loitering for 2 hours in Bogyoke Aung San Market,

we went off  for lunch by taking cab.Street view in Yangon is another point of attraction. Their driving skills and boarding talents are MARVELOUS.Passenger could get into the cab a.k.a. 猪仔车(piggy car) without the vehicle stopping.

This was the locals strongly suggested Nasi Briyani. It's so so for me.
Bandung cendol with cheese topping.Forgot its name.

After lunch we went back to inn for packing.Our next destination was Mandalay,the former capital of Myanmar.The inn staff helped us to book bus tickets.Estimated travel time from Yangon to Mandalay was 10+ hours. 

People said, you have never been to Myanmar if you do not go Mandalay.That's is TRUE...

4 comments: said...

Great pictures makes me want to visit the place. Wud love to try the Bandung cendol as M'sian cendol is my favourite. The temples look quite similar to those in Thailand. Will come by for more. TQ 4 coming by mine :o)

MiqTravellers said...

thanks for ur reading.yea can try their is definitely better than msia one,especially the cheese topping.

ryn said...

helllo, great street photography. Im loving it. hmm.. don't remember myanmar being so nice. was there when i was 12 yrs old. but its quite true.. u shud aleast visit once. but i noe i wont visit the second time.
cheers. good job!

Anonymous said...

how much the guitar cost?