Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cradle Mountain-Tazmania Maze

 " Hi all, back from a great Christmas trip to Sydney with the family. But well, I better finish off some unfinished post on Tasmania before i can start any on Sydney. Maybe you are all bored of Tassie already and I'm starting to forget a lot. But here goes"

Third day in Launceston was a great day, we pack our bags and off we drove to the Cradle Mountain. The drive was pretty scenic with a lot of farm land, green and animals to see. Along the way, we pass by a mural town where the town won yearly awards for murals drawn on the shops wall in the whole town. I think its call Sheffield. You should stop by as its pretty interesting town. Pretty much the further we drove away from the city, the quieter it was and more farm land we see. There wasn't much pit stop as well as its only 90 minutes to our next destination. 

After going through a course of winding road up the hills, we reached our destination. "Tasmazia". I bet you will be like, hey Missy, you got your Tasmania spelled wrongly larrrrrrrr. If the name isn't obvious enough, the place house 8 crazy huge/medium/mini mazes in the heart of cradle mountain lake district.

The place is easily missed by passerby as just an ordinary farmland with a small house on the front. Not many tourist at this area, i guess it not a tourist spot. Anyway, I am really interested in this firstly cause they have a huge lavender farm (sadly, no lavender bloom in July, huge mistake for not checking). People, if you like me like lavender, plan your trip in summer, that's in December to February in Australia. Secondly, after much research on Tasmania, most of the things sound pretty much the same. Historical and Scenic. I wanted something more fun, hence mazes was a great idea. Lot of fun lost in the mazes.

Anyways, Tasmazia has 8 mazes, a model village, a huge lavender farm as i have mention as well as pancake place and gift shop. I pretty much spend my whole entire day there and concluded the day driving to our new hotel Cradle Mountain Chateau for the night of spa and relaxation.

Here's some pictures of the day:

Overview of the maze, a tiny map to cheat.

In the great maze, there's trap doors and hints to collect.

Random boards for your humor
One wrong turn and you find yourself in spook town. eeikz.

dare to go into the spook house?
one sip add 1 year, 10 sip add 10 years. haha... liess...

Confusion maze. seriously confusing. 

Got lost in the confusion maze
Spend so much time looking for the checkpoint.

Asking for direction
The Village of Lower Crackpot,  
Cheat one maze
The answer to the cheat one maze it to go thru this trap that say no entry and u will reach the checkpoint. following picture.

Whee..mission completed=D

School kids lining up to go home after all the fun.
It's time for us to go too.

500 Staverton Road
Promised Land 7306
Tasmania, Australia.

Cheers. Bye for now. Come back for more=D. Will write on hotel review and more.

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