Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Contest 01

Hey everyone, sorry for the huge delay. Remember that we mentioned about the contest earlier?
Here's what you need to do.
1. Become our follower for this blog.
2. Leave us a comment and mention the country and name of the place shown in the picture above before 24th of April.
3. Wait for our email to see if you had won a gift from us !

Easy right?
Start submitting your answer right now ! :) Remember, only follower can participate. Have fun guessing!
Remember to use your valid email so that we know how to contact you. Your name stated in the post should be same as your follower name so that we know who you are.


James said...

Hi guys,

That would be Schönbrunn Palace in Austria.

I've been there ;)


ken said...

i wanted to pay paris.. but the dude above said austria.. oh well :)

MiqTravellers said...

Hi guys,
Thanks for the answer but have you follow our blog? =)

Well, the answer will be announce on 24th of April.

So, no harm trying ! :)

Good luck !