Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trip planning

Hi everyone!
I'm back. Sorry for the lack in updates. We were occupied with works and we were very behind in blogging. I have pictures from my 2 months trip at China and my upcoming trips. I wish I have more hands like an octopus so that I can multitask  

I'm currently doing planning for my Bangkok trip. I realized that 5 days is not enough at all when I discovered new places to visit. I can easily plan for a 5 days shopping trip but I would prefer to experience the life of a local. Plus, the internet is not really helpful. On the other hand, I was doing research for Indonesia as well. Don't ask me how I started it but it was addictive. As the result, I have a how-to-cover-4-cities-in-10-days for Java island plan. The awesome part is that it includes Yogyakarta and Bali with a minimum fare.

After one whole week of intensive research, I want to backpack whole Thailand and Vietnam badly. I shall do more research when I'm free so that I can just book all the tickets that I want next time. I promise that I will share the itineraries once I finish my research.

Btw, any ideas on where to visit at Bangkok? Despite the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Chatukchak and Patrunam area. Tell me places that I don't know :)


Diana Diane Teo said...

I also wish to backpacking travel to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia but too bad, can't find travelmate with me.

Anyway, can't wait for your post on how-to-cover-4 cities in 10 days for Java island.

I am a travelholic too. Hahaha

Sailor said...

Beautiful Blog!